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Settoo. Helping parents to be more present.

We are on a mission to reduce parental stress and improve parents mental and physical health by providing them with the perfect tool to help them in operating their family routine.



Managed Events

Leave all the chaos of running or participating in day-to-day events, behind. With Settoo, you can create, update and track the status of your daily events in a simple way, where all the relevant information is organized around the event.

Smart Timeline

We know multiple events mean many clashes, and a lot of coordination, and logistics. Settoo timeline will help you to get clear visibility and better plan your coming weeks.

Real-Time Updates

By being notified of important changes or updates in the event, you can be sure that you will not miss any critical information and at the same time, won't be flooded with multiple, endless notifications.

Productive Messages

By structuring most of the event information, no need for the endless stream of messages is still required. Settoo chat is used mainly to send and receive short event-related and valuable messages.

Filtering Labels

Create your own private labels, and filter your events with them. Setting labels on events will allow you to focus on the most relevant ones in a specific moment to get a clear view ahead.

Download Settoo

Available for iPhone and Android-based devices.

Click on the buttons below to download Settoo.


100% Free to use!


Why we created Settoo

Running family life for more than a decade was our starting point for creating Settoo. 

We always felt like we were missing something or someone with the intensive daily routine of raising our kids, supporting our parents, developing our careers, and connecting with our friends.​

We always felt like our brains are flooded with endless information, some of it is critical, and will probably be missed, and some of it is so marginal and will probably capture our attention.

Things got even worse when the various messaging apps became popular. The ease of writing a message to everyone, anytime about anything, actually led us to get lost even more about our daily operations.

When we looked into it, we knew there must be a way to do it smarter, simpler, and in a way that will reduce our stress and the fear of missing an important piece of information.

So, we built Settoo...

With Settoo, our goal is to ease our and your stressful lives. we believe that our routine is a set of events, which can be mostly structured and organized, to significantly reduce our limited brain and attention resources, while still keeping the interaction and free communication about these events.

We are doing our best to accomplish that, for us and everyone else :)

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